Greenwood Drive – Prosser Heights Boulder Wall, Steps, and Access





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A client on Greenwood Drive in Prosser Heights, Truckee, CA wanted to remodel their entryway.  

About the Project

The project involved reworking the entryway of a client’s property on Greenwood Drive in Prosser Heights, Truckee, CA. The scope of the work included removing the older hardscape entryway and replacing it with a stunning, timeless boulder wall. The wall was complemented by integrated natural stone steps to create an inviting aesthetic that draws guests into the garden. Additionally, the Benty’s Landscape team cleaned out an existing culvert drain in the driveway and added a drain inlet to redirect water away from the front door and patio. This professional approach ensured that the project was completed to a high standard and that the client’s needs were met efficiently.

Greenwood Drive in Prosser Heights After

Greenwood Drive in Prosser Heights Before

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