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At Olympic Heights, Benty’s Landscaping worked with a client who sought safer access to their front door. To remain budget-friendly, we opted to use 6×6 pressure-treated timber as a staircase to provide a solution. The flagstone pathway fit perfectly into the home’s exterior and was also appropriate to the surroundings of the Truckee area.

About the Project

Working alongside a customer on Olympic Heights, the team at Benty’s Landscaping embarked upon a project that was aimed at providing a safer route of access to the front door of their property. After careful consideration and to keep this project within budget, it was decided to use the tried and tested 6×6 pressure-treated timber as the material of choice for the staircase. This measured approach allowed us to craft a secure, reliable set of steps as part of the installation, which in turn helped to ensure the safety of anyone arriving at the property. Once completed, the new staircase and flagstone pathway blended perfectly with the property’s aesthetic, ensuring that it was in keeping with the surrounding area of Truckee. Ultimately, our team was able to deliver a cost-effective solution that also exceeded our client’s expectations in terms of quality and design.

Olympic Heights After

Olympic Heights Before

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