Rhiley Court, Gray’s Crossing Front Yard





Before After

A customer on Rhiley Court, Grays Crossing in Truckee, California wanted to updae the planter beds with screening treas to increase privacy and reduce sound from the road. 

About the Project

Benty’s Landscaping added beautiful Green Spruce trees to naturally screen out the road, and accented the design with colorful Canada red choke cherry that brings an inviting splash of red in the summertime. To amp up interest, we mounded the planter beds to enhance the screening effect and add accent boulders. Lastly, we installed a decorative drip edge to the driveway and perimeter of the house to complete the picture.

Rhiley Court, Gray's Crossing Curb Appeal After

Rhiley Court, Gray's Crossing Curb Appeal Before

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